Thursday, November 26, 2015

Ross's Goose at Lake Mayer - Nov. 25, 2015

Larry Carlile called me about 3 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 25th. He had found what he believed to be a Ross's Goose at Lake Mayer. I was at work at Wild Birds Unlimited, but thanks to the co-operation of my co-worker Nicole, I dashed over for a look.

It was definitely petite - much smaller than nearby Canada geese and mallards. The head was all white and rounded, neck short, and bill small. However, it did seem to have more of a grin than Ross's is supposed to show and there is a bit of a curve visible particularly on right side of margin between beak and head. The top and sides of upper bill are covered with warty growths - caruncles - which I read are typical of older male Ross's geese.

Here are photos.
Ross's Goose in front of Canada geese

Ross's Goose 11/25/15 Lake Mayer Savannah

In this view, I see a bit of a curve and longer looking beak. Neck short.

Short neck, rounded head, warty growths on beak point to Ross's Goose


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