Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Birds

December has been a very active month in the bird world. At my parents' mid-town Savannah home, they are covered up with Baltimore Orioles eating grape jelly and drinking hummingbird nectar. My Dad put a dish with mealworms in the Christmas tree that was on the deck before being brought in for decorating. He was rewarded with some live decorations - eastern bluebirds and Carolina wrens.
Baltimore Oriole Male
Eastern Bluebird in the Christmas Tree

Eastern bluebird pair coming for mealworms
 At my house, I continue to enjoy regular visits to my feeder by as many as FOUR red-breasted nuthatches. Although they do eat peanuts and sunflower seeds, they seem to favor Nutrasaff - high in protein and fat with a soft shell.

Red-breasted Nuthatch Male
Today I went to the North Beach Jetties on the incoming tide. It was windy and a bit rough. A group of about 50 Ruddy Turnstones and 9 Purple Sandpipers had been feeding on the rocks. As the tide came in, they moved to the rocks close to where I was standing to try to get a little rest. I was able to get within 6 feet of them and they seemed to mostly ignore me. WOW?

Turnstones and Purple Sandpipers hang out on the rocks

Purple Sandpiper & Ruddy Turnstone

Purple Sandpiper