Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Franklin's Gull on Tybee North Beach Nov. 2 2015

I went to the beach at high tide hoping to find a large group of oystercatchers. No luck! In fact, the beach seemed almost empty of birds except for a small flock of sanderlings. Finally, after I walked all the way around the point and headed in the direction of the lighthouse, I found a smallish flock of gulls and terns. I was scanning the group and counting when I spied a slightly different looking gull.

I see Franklin's Gulls so rarely that I worry I won't recognize one when I see it. This bird was slightly smaller than the adjacent laughing gulls, had a more defined partial hood, large white eye crescents, and a more petite bill. Bingo! I quickly took photos.
Who's that hiding behind those Laughing Gulls?  
Ah! There it is! The Franklin's Gull
After I had taken about ten photos, along came a pair of walkers and flushed all the birds. The Franklin's flew over my head several times and let me get a number of photos.

Note partial hood, white crescents, and dark wing tips.

Almost white underwings with dark wing tips

Lovely from underneath!
 It did not rejoin the flock on the beach, though I looked for quite a while.

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  1. Hi Ms. Churchill,
    It's Marshall. Great find on the Franklin's Gull and awesome pictures! I look forward to seeing you when I come down to Tybee this winter!
    Hope all is well!