Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tybee Island Gray Kingbirds

Three young gray kingbirds have fledged from the nest at the Ocean Plaza Resort on Tybee. Amazing how fast it happened. On my last kingbird post from June 17, I had photos of Mom sitting on the nest.
Then on June 24th, I got a picture of a couple of fuzzy heads.
Young Gray Kingbirds head poke up.
On June 30, I got a not great shot of Mom at the nest to feed them.

Parent comes in to feed the kids.
When I went back to check on the family on Monday, July 7th, there were 2 large young kingbirds in the nest. I wasn't sure at first if I was seeing a parent or the juvies. Then I heard a kingbird song from nearby and found another juvenile perched in a palm, the first to leave the nest!

Gray Kingbird Juveniles - 7/7/14

The first one out of the nest!
When my friend Connie and I went back to check on them on July 8, all three birds were out of the nest and perching on a wire near a large pine tree at the northern end of the parking lot. One was behind the palm so I couldn't get it in the photo. Every so often, one or the other parent would fly in
bringing a tasty bug.
Gray Kingbird Adult (Left) and two youngsters 7/8/14

Bugs Mom! Bring us Bugs!

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  1. Your observations, narratives, and amusing captions are too charming to leave with no comment; so now you have one!