Monday, August 24, 2015

The Late August Gray Kingbird Report

Gray kingbirds are doing well on Tybee Island! One pair nested in early June in a palm and Hotel Tybee and fledged 3 chicks. Then Mrs. Kingbird moved to the palm tree next door and started a second nest. I had observed her flying in with bugs but the young ones were deep in the nest and I couldn't tell how many there were.

Today, when I looked at the palm, there were three juvie gray kingbirds all in a row, trilling that wonderful "pittirri" call.
Three alert young Gray Kingbirds
I checked the wires and found an adult (I think Mom) perched nearby.

Gray Kingbird adult on wire.

She was working hard to bring in the bugs for her growing brood.
Mom brings in the bugs      

Off to get more bugs!
Bug delivery isn't easy, nor is choosing which mouth to stuff it in!
This time the middle one gets lucky.
It turns around to poop while the siblings keep begging.
At the other end of Butler Avenue, near the Sugar Shack, I found 2 more Gray Kingbirds. Obviously, this species is doing well on Tybee. Many of the island mockingbirds have started imitating Gray Kingbirds so if you hear one, be sure to look twice!!

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