Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Bunting Still Here

Went to Tybee North Beach this evening right at the 4:30 pm high tide. Although it was only a 6.5 foot tide, there were still plenty of shorebirds resting on the beach with gulls, terns and skimmers. At first, there was no sign of the Snow Bunting, but at about 5:15 Helena Wood called out that she had just seen a different bird land. Sure enough, it was our little buddy. It hopped and walked about in the lovely evening light. I was able to get lots of pictures as the bird kept landing closer and closer to where I was standing.
Looking at one photo of a Black Skimmer skimming, I noticed that the bird has a green band. I don't know who is banding skimmers but would be grateful for any information.  Cheers,  Diana.


  1. Hey it's Marshall. Wow!!! I am happy to hear! I am really sad that I missed it! Happy Birding

  2. Beautiful! I love the skimming Skimmer and the Bunting in the shallow water looking over his shoulder, that's fantastic.
    I struck out on Snow Buntings this winter, and still have not seen a single member of the family. It's kind of strange to think of them wading into the ocean, but lots of fun.

    Thanks for sharing!